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Food and Drinks

LinkWise evolves with your business

The industry is changing. As a result of the corona pandemic, there was a growing demand for digital menus. We also noticed this trend at LinkWise. Because we want your business to evolve with it, we developed a tailor-made solution.

Tailor-made menu

Fully digital

User-friendliness is central to LinkWise. Thanks to our fully digitized menus, your customers no longer have to scroll unnecessarily or zoom in and out on a PDF menu. With the help of the clear menu, they can easily make their choice. Quickly add the order to the shopping list and you’re done! It’s that simple.

Your business, our expertise

Why stop at menus? LinkWise likes to go one step further. Our catering button is specially designed for your business, but uses our trusted LinkWise software.

What does this mean for your business? The customer simply scans the button and then lands on your page. Depending on your personal preferences, the customer can navigate from here to your menu, social media, choose to leave a review or checkout. And all this thanks to one button.

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